Dynamic Couples Intensive

All couples face challenges. Unspoken assumptions, unresolved hurts, and undepend-able support create tension and insecurity. Children, in-laws, job pressures, and a shaky economy can make things worse. Once spouses feel isolated and misunder-stood, it’s very difficult to get back on track to friendship, compromise, and romance.

In addition, modern, sophisticated couples face special challenges. With greater expectations, performance demands, constant time pressure, and the complications of social class, the possibilities for confusion, resentment, and loneliness are enormous.
Both at work and at home, successful people need various human relations skills; a balance of logic and intuition; the ability to participate in and resolve conflict; insight into one’s own strengths and weaknesses; and the self-discipline to communicate productively when upset or anxious.
This intensive is a series of sessions facilitated by exceptional professionals with experience helping high-functioning, successful people in a wide range of business, professional, and family settings.

Participants can expect to acquire insight and skills regarding:

  • communicating more productively, with less effort
  • bringing an end to chronic conflict
  • increasing trust
  • identifying poisonous power dynamics
  • setting boundaries, and respecting others’ boundaries
  • separating private family life from business life
  • recognizing and managing anxiety
  • making and keeping agreements
  • taking joint responsibility for agreements
  • relaxing, enjoyable, low-stress sex
  • enhancing joint decision-making

As a result of participating in a Dynamic Couples Intensive, you will notice more cooperation and less conflict; more honesty and less secrecy; more trust and less suspicion; more goodwill and less isolation. You will enjoy your relationship more, feel more appreciated by your partner, and—to put it most simply—you will smile more often.

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