Online Counselling and Therapy Services in Singapore

Online Counselling and Therapy Services in Singapore

  • Do you want to start therapy but are finding it difficult to find a qualified therapist in your area?
  • Does your travel schedule make it impossible to consistently get into a therapist’s office consistently?
  • Do your work hours make it impossible to meet with your therapist’s work hours?
  • Do you want the flexibility to have in-office and online counselling sessions in Singapore and overseas?
  • Are you reluctant to build a relationship with a therapist because you may be moving?
  • Do you want relationship therapy, but you are in a long-distance relationship or travel so much it makes consistent office appointments difficult?


Work with a Counsellor with Certificate for Online Therapy

If all of the above-mentioned difficulties sound familiar, you do not have to worry. The online therapy services provided by All in the Family Counselling in Singapore is conducted via Skype or WhatsApp Video calls. This offers the same high-quality therapy in a physical setting, but with more flexibility – which means you can speak to your therapist online and attend your counselling session even if you are not in Singapore.

If you are having concerns regarding online therapy, please read carefully these two documents we have prepared for you:

[PDF] It’s the therapy, not the office

[PDF] Online bias


If you are still having doubts, we recommend watching this video:

and this one:

Special message for all our friends, partners and future clients:

“Dear friends, in this difficult time, the need for mental health and care is more vital than ever.
That is why we are providing access to our portal for this period to help those facing challenging mental health times in quarantine and stay home notices, and also specially made audio. Find more information here:

Difference Between Online Therapy in Singapore & In-Office Therapy

To put things simply, there is no difference.

The online therapy services our therapist provides in Singapore establishes a relationship that is developed the same way as it would in an office setting. The technology today affords people the ability to have high-quality interactions. The interactions and interventions are the same. One advantage is that there are fewer disruptions during online therapy sessions, as there is more flexibility when scheduling sessions. The working relationship is the same whether in office or over video. You will be able to sit for an online counselling session in Singapore or anywhere else in the world.

As with all therapy, we will have our first session, which is an intake and goal setting session. We discuss your goals and desired outcomes. We discuss what is required from you. You’ll receive a therapy agreement and then we’ll schedule the next session. You’ll be encouraged to write down what you learned and plan for your next appointment. As with all therapy, there will be homework to accomplish between sessions. If you get a package, you’ll also get access to our portal for support and education in between sessions.

How Our Online Counselling Therapist in Singapore Can Help

The online counselling session works the same way as when we meet in the office in Singapore:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the therapist via WhatsApp at +6590307239
  2. You need to be on time for your appointment. You are encouraged to have written down your goals and outcomes for therapy.
  3. We work together on the outcomes for that session.

WhatsApp +6590307239

General Information for Counselling Sessions in Singapore:

  • Be prepared for your session, write down your goals and what you want to accomplish for each therapy and for each session
  • Be well rested and be on time
  • No alcohol prior to our session
  • Allow for 10 minutes or more after the session to process and write down your take-aways and any insights you’ve had from the session
  • For our online therapy services in Singapore, make sure you have a private space where you won’t be interrupted or distracted, as well as good internet connection

Can I Attend Both Online and In-Office Therapy?

Yes, you can do that as well. As with all therapy with our expat counsellor in Singapore, appointments need to be pre-arranged. For more information on our in-office and online therapy services and counselling in Singapore, feel free to contact us.

Feedback from Clients

“I am based in Singapore and started out doing in-office therapy sessions. My therapist, Tammy, was going to be travelling and I wanted to keep my appointments. She suggested that I try a video session. I tried it and found that it was great. I didn’t notice any difference in the quality of the interaction or therapy. After the therapy got going, I didn’t even think about the fact that it was online. In fact, I liked it so much that I am doing more of my therapy online because I save the time it takes to commute to the therapy office.” Client of 24+ months

“I have been a long-term client doing in-office sessions. I was resistant to the idea of doing online sessions, I like meeting Tammy in person. However, I was having a crisis and I really need to meet her and the only way I could get a session in was outside office hours. Tammy suggested trying a video session. I reluctantly agreed to try one. I found it positive. At first it felt a bit weird to be online talking to her, but then, everything was the same as in the office. In fact, I forgot that I was online. I will probably do a mix of online and in-office therapy.” Client of 36 months +

“I don’t live in Singapore but found All in the Family Counselling Centre through googling. I live in SE Asia and wanted to meet a therapist and couldn’t find any that I could connect within my area. I have been doing all my therapy online from the first session. I have found it very helpful. I don’t really think about the fact that it’s online. For me, it’s just therapy. There isn’t anything negative about doing it online. Never having done therapy in the office I don’t have a comparison, but I feel that I have a very good working relationship with Tammy and I feel she understand me. I think its more about the therapist than the technology. If you have a good therapist, being online or in an office setting won’t matter, at least that’s my opinion.” Online client of 13 months

Schedule an Online Therapy Session Today

At All in the Family Counselling, our expat counsellor understands that it can be hard at times to schedule a meeting with your therapist. Therefore, we offer online therapy sessions in Singapore at your convenience.

Contact us on WhatsApp at +6590307239 if you want to sign up for our online therapy services in Singapore. Please note that if you are attending an online counselling session outside of Singapore, kindly ensure that you are able to set aside time and space for the session and have access to the Internet.

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