Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Are you wondering if you are in an a toxic relationship? Do you wonder if a lot of your feelings are normal if you are supposed to be in a relationship with someone who claims to care about you? Do you find yourself doubting yourself or feelings when it comes to your partner? Do you find you are making too many excuses for your partner’s behavior like s/he is tired, busy at work, sick or insecure? Do you find yourself feeling hurt, confused and lonely?

You may be in a toxic relationship in which you are being manipulated.

See if any of these warning signs match your feelings or situations. If so you would benefit from therapy to help you sort out what is actually going and how to establish healthy boundaries to protect yourself.

  • Do you live in constant worry, anxiety or fear that a wrong action or words could end the relationship?
  • Do you fear the joy of the once loving relationship has gone into the fear of loosing it. You find yourself more often anxious, sad and desperation than happy?
  • Is your mood determined by your partner’s mood or the status of the relationship?
  • You feel unhappy in the relationship and can’t identify why
  • You seem to be more focused on how the relationship WAS rather than how it is currently and seem to try and figure out how to go BACK to the way it was because the present is so bad.
  • Do you feel like you are responsible for ruining “the best thing “that ever happened to you, but can’t figure out how you did that?
  • When trying to explain your relationship to your friends, it feels so complicated that you can’t ever seem to explain  it and often find yourself saying “It’s just too complicated to explain”
  • Are you spending more and more time, to the point of obsession, trying to analyze and figure out what is going on and how you are doing in the relationship and figure out your partner. Do you talk about your relationship with anyone that will listen? Do you feel like you keep sounding like a broken record when it comes to your relationship talk to friends
  • Do you continually feel like you don’t know where you stand with your partner?
  • Are you frequently asking your partner what is wrong? Usually the partner says nothing is wrong but you feel like there is something wrong.
  • Are you often on the defensive?
  • Have you become a detective in your relationship? Watching where they are going, how they are dressing, who they are hanging out with? Do you see if you are trying to find inconsistencies, never feel secure with their answers.
  • Do you find that are you often finding yourself falling short of making your partner happy? They often seem disappointed
  • Do you feel like they may not like you yet, they don’t want to break up and keep wanting to be with you and yet are never happy with you.
  • Are you really walking on egg shells and watching what you say?


If you even meet a 1/3 of these conditions mentioned above, you are likely in a relationship that has a lot of warning signs of being toxic or worse manipulative. IF you are spending too much time on it that is taking you away from working or doing things you love, you may have a serious relationship problem.


Therapy can help people sort out fact from fiction. Therapy can help individuals learn healthy boundaries and give you a sense of sanity.


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