It’s the Therapist, NOT their Office that matters: Online Therapy

It’s the Therapist, NOT their Office that matters: Online Therapy

Are you looking to start therapy, but not sure if you can commit to regular sessions because of your busy travel schedule? Does your unpredictable schedule and frequent travel overseas make committing to regularly scheduled therapy appointments difficult? Do you take extended stays overseas and think you need to stop therapy? Do you want to do therapy but you are skeptical about whether online therapy is as good as in-office?

It is true, for therapy to be effective and successful, regular weekly sessions are required. Regular weekly sessions allow the therapist and the client to develop a working relationship. It is the client-therapist relationship that is the foundation for meaningful change. In order to developed that relationship it doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a therapist’s office, or online, the biggest common factor of a successful outcome is the relationship that is developed between the therapist and the client. That requires regular consistent meetings.

It’s the therapist that matters. It’s consistency that makes the difference. Period.

Many people mistakenly think that the office is the most important thing, but what they are failing to recognize is that it is the skilled therapist and the relationship you develop with her.

Therapists are not a commodity like a widget or a mug. Each therapist is not the same.

The skill of the therapist, their training, their expertise, the supervision they’ve done all go into how effective the therapist is. You need to feel that you can work with them and trust. Liking them isn’t neccessary, but you need to feel respect and trust.

You want to be careful in choosing your therapist and in their ability to have a working relationship with them. Make sure they’ve received ongoing training, clinical supervision, and continue to develop themselves. Whether you access that skilled therapist via their office or online makes no difference. It is the skill of the therapist that cuts through their ability to be effective, not the physical space that you have therapy in.

Many people have unchallenged biases or preferences because of perceptions and old, outdated views of how therapy was done before the current technology. Therapy originated before the current technology of video existed. In fact, therapy used to be down in public places in groups for show, much like the popular TV shows like Dr. Phil. Today very few people want to do therapy like that. So things change and evovle!

People need to challenge their outdated biases to reflect a more modern time and the powerful advantages that technology can offer us. Challenging biases and beliefs and feelings are just a few of the things we are working on in therapy. The most harmful thing is letting these unchallenged beliefs or feelings get in the way of why you can’t do therapy. With today’s highly reliable video therapy,“busy reason“ is no longer valid.

Tammy Fontana at All in the Family Counselling Centre has a well-established office and an online therapy practice. She also provides intensive therapy offsite in Bintan and retreats to Croatia with her team. She recognizes the demands of her South-East Asian clients and how traveling can be impacting their ability to get care. She has been able to meet these needs to eliminate the excuse of not being able to do therapy. She can provide therapy in many different ways ensuring that her clients get the high-quality care they need through online, in-office, intensives or retreats overseas.

Tammy has been providing therapy for over a decade in South-East Asia. She understands the needs of her clients and provides high-level individual and couple care. If you would like to find out how therapy can help you, you no longer need to worry about your ability to make it to an office. Tammy recognizes that clients need flexibility, they need to be able to use their time effectively and she is able to meet their needs. Please contact us at +6590307239 to learn how we can help you.

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