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Are you a couple who is looking to improve your marriage but don’t subscribe to any religion? Do you want a neutral view of marriage, sex, family planning that can incorporate your various beliefs with scientific fact about how the human body works? Do you need intensive, rapid changes to your relationship in a short period of time?

All in the Family Counseling Centre has developed intensive retreats that are secularly based, Our Intensives provide evidence-based therapy interventions. We integrate all beliefs and spirituality into our customized therapy intensive programs.

Tammy Fontana, lead therapist at All in the Family Centre Pte ltd, has developed programs to help couples who want to intensively and rapidly improve the quality of their marriage through improving their sex life and improving their communication skills.

Therapy intensives help with enhancing the couple’s attunement and teaching them the emotional relationship skills that they need to have the quality of relationship they want in a short period of time. Our intensive sessions are designed to be from 1 to 5 days in Singapore. For couples who want a more comprehensive solution we also provide intensive retreats with our team based in Croatia.  Croatia therapy intensive retreat includes medical knowledge, therapy for nonverbal communication through dance, as well as opportunities to discover and learn new aspects of your partner by partaking in cultural and nature events.

We have developed and designed programs combining some of the best evidence-based research about therapy. Our team is effective to help relationships address sexual issues. We help couples get the customized and intensive solutions they need.

Some of the key benefits of doing an intensive therapy program is that we can, in real time, recreate relationship issues and resolve them as they are happening. In regular weekly therapy you are often reporting about things that happened. During an intensive we can intervene during conflict, during misunderstanding, during strong emotional projections to capture real time what is happening. This way we can give people the insights and skills they need to rapidly change. This is one of the main benefits of doing an intensive.

Another benefit of an intensive retreat is that it allows a couple to get a critical amount of knowledge and information in a short period of time. Regularly therapy has it it’s place, but as opposed to traditional therapy which can take 3 to 6 months to acquire the same amount of insight and knowledge you get from doing intensives.

If you would like to find out how this might benefit you, contact Tammy Fontana at All in the Family Counseling Centre to schedule an initial consultation to learn what might be the best program to help you with your marriage. Contact her at +6590307239 to schedule an initial consultation.

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