General mental health issues

Too much drama

Are you somebody who has a lot of drama in their life? Do you find that people are always telling […]

Procrastination is Really About Anxiety

Are you somebody who often has difficulty completing activities? Do you find yourself full of energy to start something only […]

Too agressive

Are you somebody that has a lot of fear of being rejected? Do you describe yourself as having low self-esteem, […]

Grown up skills we need to avoid anger

Are you somebody who has been described as having an anger management problem? Do you often blow up when things […]

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety during a Pandemic

Do you feel lost and confused in the post-COVID world? Has the global pandemic disrupted how you do fun? Are […]

Are you ready for the changing world?

Have the recent radical changes due to the virus causing you stress and uncertainty? Is the fluid nature of Covid-19 […]

What Causes Depression?

Are you somebody who struggles with depression? Does depression often strike when things don’t go the way you want? When […]

COVID-19 Reveals Adults Lacking Mental Health Skills – Is this you?

How are you dealing with the latest COVID-19 virus crisis? Are you getting many disappointments? Are you finding your anger […]

Are you afraid to be alone?

Are you afraid to be alone? Do you find that you go from one relationship to the next relationship? Maybe […]

So, You Say Don’t like Conflict, let me guess, you get a lot of it

I have more couples coming into my office because of poor communication and conflict issues. Are you a couple wanting […]

Feelings are Not facts, but feel like they are

Are you someone that has a lot of strong feelings? Do feel intense shame, embarrassment, rejection or hurt regularly?  Do […]

Why logic doesn’t work to solve your bad feelings

Do you feel like a fraud at your work or with your friends, even though by objective standards you are […]

Overwhelming Emotions that leave you out of control

Do you find that you can manage most emotions on most days, but every so often and quite unpredictably you […]

Self destructive behaviour

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Do you find that when things get to good for you, you unconsciously do something to sabotage it? […]

It’s not a communication problem

Almost everyone that comes into see me for marriage counselling or relationship counselling believes they have a communication problem. People’s […]

Child Self Regulation: A core strength instilled by parents

The ability to self-regulate is a core strengths that is an essential part of healthy emotional development. This article is written […]

Anger Management

Anger Management Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone […]

There is no Trying in a relationship…or life, only Doing

There is no “trying” in Relationships… or Life, only DOING, Yoda, the famous character from the Star Wars movie explained […]

No Problem Talk Here!

No Problem Talk Here! As a marriage counsellor as well as a individual counsellor, people often say to me “wow […]

Stop Chasing Why!

Stop Chasing Why! When life throws challenges our way, whether it is with our relationship, our family, fertility, health, careers, […]

Tips on Getting Happy

Tips on Getting Happy Happy people don’t get everything they want, but they want most of they get. Happy people […]

Get Your Mental Health In Shape!

Get Your Mental Health In Shape! Mental Health is not an all or nothing state. You are not either mentally […]

Resolve to be Happy!

Resolve to be happy! Resolve to be Happy! As the new year approaches many people make their new year resolution. […]

Do You Feel Bad…and are sick of it?

Do You Feel Bad…and are sick of it? Do you find that you feel like you have more bad days […]

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