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Mental Health Retreats

Do you want to make a change in your life but are not sure how? Have you always been thinking […]

Fear of Disappointing

Do you live in constant fear that you will disappoint your family, your partner, your spouse or your friends? Are […]

Actions vs. Intention

Are you in a relationship where you are trying to get your partner’s behaviour to match their intentions? Are you […]


Are you somebody who needs constant validation? Do you need validation from your boss or your employees? Do you need […]

Logic vs. Feelings

Do you pride yourself on the fact that you are very logical? Do you feel that feelings are a waste […]

Modern Meetings

Are you frustrated by all the changes that the pandemic has brought about? Having to do meetings online? Has your […]

Covid-19 and Decision Making

The new world of Covid-19 is forcing us all to think about how we make decisions. It is also forcing […]

Feelings are not weakness

Are you an executive who believes feelings are a weakness? Are you constantly dismissing feelings, often using logic to tell […]

Do you still adjust to Telecommuting?

The rapid transformation that the coronavirus has done to affect business is dramatic and immediate. Companies are now trying to […]

Anger Impact

Is the expression of anger in your relationship a problem? Does your partner or you get so angry that you […]

Tammy Fontana completes Clinical Training

Tammy Fontana completes private Clinical Training with Dr. Marty Klein In effort to provide the most relevant and clinically current […]

Aging & Performance

Are you a man approaching his forties or fifties or older? Have you noticed a change in your erections? As […]

Comment From Tammy Fontana

I am providing some perspective to give when reading the following article from the author Darlena Cunha. I found this […]

Unusual forms of Self-harm

Do you often and regularly not get enough sleep? Do you constantly stay up very late at night doing unproductive […]

Fixing Sex Life

Did you find this article because you partner has mandated that you get help for the lack of sex in […]