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Are you somebody who needs constant validation? Do you need validation from your boss or your employees? Do you need […]

Dealing with feelings when you are logical

Do you pride yourself on the fact that you are very logical? Do you feel that feelings are a waste […]

Meeting in the office is so 2019

Are you frustrated by all the changes that the pandemic has brought about? Having to do meetings online? Has your […]

Covid-19 and Decision Making

The new world of Covid-19 is forcing us all to think about how we make decisions. It is also forcing […]

Feelings are not weakness, but denying them will cost you and your company

Are you an executive who believes feelings are a weakness? Are you constantly dismissing feelings, often using logic to tell […]

Can Your Company Afford To Wait for Employees to Adjust to Telecommuting?

The rapid transformation that the coronavirus has done to affect business is dramatic and immediate. Companies are now trying to […]

Are anger expressions hurting your relationship?

Is the expression of anger in your relationship a problem? Does your partner or you get so angry that you […]

Press Release: Tammy Fontana completes private Clinical Training with Dr. Marty Klein

In effort to provide the most relevant and clinically current interventions in therapy, Tammy Fontana, MS, NCC, Clinical Sex Therapist […]

Male Aging: Changing Sexual Performance

Are you a man approaching his forties or fifties or older? Have you noticed a change in your erections? As […]

Comment From Tammy Fontana, All in the Family Counselling Centre, Pte. Ltd

I am providing some perspective to give when reading the following article from the author Darlena Cunha. I found this […]

Unusual forms of Self-harm, do you do any of these consistently?

Do you often and regularly not get enough sleep? Do you constantly stay up very late at night doing unproductive […]

Can one person fix a couple’s sex life?

Did you find this article because you partner has mandated that you get help for the lack of sex in […]