Education, on-going training, supervision, specialized therapeutic skills and experience are very important considerations when selecting a mental health provider for individual counselling or marriage counselling.  Providers of mental health counselling for individual counselling or marriage counselling should be engaged in a continual process of skills enhancement through training, supervision and continuing education in order to keep abreast of the latest research and ensure optimal treatment for their clients.

Specialized office facilities can assist in faster client change and potentially shorter treatment are also important considerations when selecting your therapist.

Office location, comfort and quality are other significant factors to consider when determining if an expat counsellor and their rate is appropriate for your treatment and goals.

Confidence in your individual counsellor or marriage counsellors credentials and training. Singapore only has voluntary registration of its psychologist and counselors. Our expat counsellors have met US standards for practice and have passed the National Counselor Examination. You can verify their status and this provides proof of their training and education here. In addition, you may be able to submit your bills to your insurance company for reimbursement with this letter explaining the therapist training. Though All in the Family Counselling makes no guarantees that your insurance will accept any mental health bills.

Our Rates are comparable to other private practices in Singapore. Please call us to find out about our rates. This information will always be disclosed prior to the initial session and documented in your informed consent document. If you are unsure how treatment can help you or how long you need to see a therapist, contact us to discuss what you want to work on, your level of commitment to change and we can make arrangements to help you get the assistance you need.

Rates/Personal Investment

Coming to  individual counselling or marriage counselling is an investment in yourself or relationship. In determining what is the value of this investment, people need to evaluate what their personal happiness or relationship means to them and what is the cost of doing nothing or not coming to counselling for enough sessions for it to work. Clients are encouraged to contact us for a no obligation talk to discuss your treatment concerns and to see how we can make arrangement to assist you in getting high quality professionally trained mental health services.

We offer packages for clients committed to doing the work required to see change and improvement in their lives and relationships. Call us to learn more at 90307239


Counselling Fees Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm

50 Minute Session: $220

80 Minute Sessions: $330

100 Minute Session: $440

Outside office hour 50 min: $450

6 session package: 1260$

10 session package: 2000$

12 months / 52 sessions

Babysleepfairy office or skype consultation – 80 min – 330$

Packages for Individual or Couple Sessions

There are 2 types of packages. They are both non-refundable and valid for the specific time listed below. They are non-transferable to anyone outside the family.

6 Session Counselling Package: Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm : $1260

  • Includes a 4 month subscription to http://www.mynewbeginningclub.com The mental health portal
  • Package valid for 4 months from purchase
  • Non refundable non transferable
10 Session Counselling Package : Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm: $2000
  • Includes a 6 month subscription to http://www.mynewbeginningsclub.com, the Mental Health Portal
  • Customized support inside the portal
  • Priorties and special pricing on upcoming retreats and training
  • Nonrefundable non transferable
  • Whatsapp support for clarifications of session and help outside therapy
  • Package is valid for 6 months from purchase

Phone Consultations beyond 15 minutes, scheduled or others: $90/ 15 minutes

Outside of office hours sessions, 50 Minutes $450

Days of Counselling: Monday to Saturday, By appointments. Hours vary by day but office hours are 9am to last session is 6pm most days

Non package clients will prepay on day of booking to confirm the appointment via Paypal with a credit card or a bank transfer to DBS bank account.

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