Educational Group Work

Are you finding the transition in the post Covid-19 world difficult? Do you want to feel connected and emotional supported while you are at home during a lock-down, circuit breaker, shelter in place or quarantine? Are you struggling with the strong feelings of lethargy, anxiety, safety, procrastination loneliness and perhaps even purposelessness? Do you want to connect with other like-minded people while receiving professional help and guidance?

All in the Family Counselling Centre will be offering educational group work. You’ll be joined by like minded individuals who want to connect and at the same time develop skills and knowledge to manage feelings. Group work lead by a clinically trained therapist will provide support but more importantly help you to develop and implement mental health tools to deal with the new world reality.

  •  Each group session will be held in the evening via Zoom (You’ll need to download the app)
  • The price is $40sgd and requires minimum of 4 people to run, if the group is successful and it makes sense there will be follow-on groups, if the group decides
  • The session will be at 830pm Singapore Time for 60 to maximum 90 minutes
  • Group participation and interaction with the leader and each is encouraged! The more you put in the more you’ll get out!
  • Refund: You must give 48 hour notice for refund. If you cancel with more than 48 hours there will be no refund
  • Payment is via Paypal with your credit card.
  • Please whatsapp +6590307239 to get your Login details for the Group


April 14, 2020 Topic: Emotional Development 101 830pm

  • Payment Due by 9am April 14th
  • Understand basic emotional regulation skills
  • Develop effective self-sooth skills
  • Help to identify feelings that are troubling and how to deal with them effectively
  • Learn about key mental health skills that can be help to transition the rapidly changing work place and life place



April 17, 2020 Topic: Breaking up and Accepting our New Life Post-Covid-19 830pm

  • Understanding the grieving processing of leaving our old life
  • Identifying steps to accepting this new life and reality
  • Dealing with the loss of freedom and autonomy and seeing our new choices
  • Getting and receiving comfort and empathy



April 21, 2020 Topic: Productivity & Efficiency during work from home for Telecommuters 830pm

  • Learn how to address feelings of lethargy, procrastination and lack of productivity
  • Understand a framework you’ll need for being effective at home, uncover hidden traps that distract you from your work
  • Start to develop mental flexibility and beliefs that will make you more effective
  • Payment due by 9am on April 21, 2020



April 23, 2020: Guided Communication 830pm

  • Understand how you feelings affect your ability to communicate
  • Understand hidden communication – such behaviors, intentions and tone disrupt communication



April 28, 2020: Managing your ANXIETY 830pm

  • Understand what is exactly going when you are feeling anxious
  • Start to develop healthy framework for addressing your anxiety
  • Develop skills to control and redirect your thoughts to reduce anxiety



May 1, 2020 7:30pm SGD time Q&A on BabysleepFAiry

  • Cost $30/person
  • Location: Zoom – To get Zoom: Whatsapp +6590307239
  • Payment via Paypal see link
  • This Talk is to compliment the video talk at Babysleepfairy. You’ll have needed to watch the videos. This is a talk to answer any questions you have after watching the videos. It is not a sleep talk
  • Develop skills to control and redirect your thoughts to reduce anxiety


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