Motivating Employees: Counselling Solutions for Corporates

Coronavirus has changed the world forever. Executives and their companies must now rapidly adapt to the new demands of work. Among these, finding ways to motivate their employees is paramount.

Work/life boundaries between companies and employees have changed as never before with no time to prepare for a smooth transition. Furthermore, Human Resource companies and their executives are not equipped to help employees deal with the emotional toll of isolation and their personal lives affecting work in a new environment – the home.

The question for corporates then is, how to motivate employees at home performing remote work?

Challenges of remote working

Employees struggling with poor internal regulation and motivation skills, alongside procrastination, loneliness, lethargy and anxiety will have more challenges to get their work done at home. Employees’ family lives will also create more obstacles for work: issues of child discipline, home school and marital issues will encroach into the workspace, blurring the lines between work and life.

For executives to remain effective in keeping their staff productive at home, they cannot afford to wait for employees to address the need for psychological counselling, one that will become more apparent for corporates adjusting to the new work situation today.

Employers will have to readdress new boundaries on how to encourage productivity and how much control measures should be implemented, in ways that help to motivate employees to do their job equally well or even better. Executives want to make sure employees are working and employees want to be trusted and treated well within their rights.

Traditional ways to motivate employees through fear or money will not work. Employees and management will continue to operate under existential anxiety and fear. Employers need to learn how to make mental health a priority during such times and motivate their people to keep them engaged in their jobs. At the same time, employers need to understand and analyse their own feelings and emotions during this period so that they can make the most accurate decisions for the company.

Transitioning to telecommuting is more than just setting up an efficient IT infrastructure for your employees. Learning how to deal with the feelings of your staff will be equally, if not, more critical. Feelings are not a sign of weakness, and ignoring them or being in denial can be fatal to your company. Learning to manage your own feelings so they don’t hijack your decision-making capacity is critical for successful employee engagement.

How to motivate employees at work?

Executive Effective Solutions:

  • Intensive sessions to help you identify feelings that may be interrupting your decision-making
  • Enhance self-reflection and introspection to gain greater insight into what your feelings are trying to tell you about yourself and your situation
  • Improve your ability to identify and separate your feelings to increase awareness of yourself and your situation and improve your decision making
  • Get out of “fear brain” and into your creative and powerful “decision-making brain” through enhanced self-awareness and improved coping skills

Take a look at some of our videos we have prepared for corporations

Video: Helping company CEOs

Video: Managing your feelings

Outcomes for executives after our training:

  • Better communication in challenging situations
  • Predicting behaviours more efficiently
  • Expressing necessary sympathy and empathy, crucially needed to support employees in boosting productivity when working at home
  • Better decision-making
  • Enhanced positive coping skills and self-soothing
  • Better relationships with team
  • Better ability to regulate emotions and channel them into better decision-making and staff management

Why psychological counselling solutions will be beneficial for corporates in dealing with employee transitions?

  • Predicting Human Behaviour is key: Our highly trained psychological team will assess your employees for what mental health skills they need. We then rapidly create a custom solution through either group education or individual education in 2-6 counselling sessions to help your staff rapidly transition to the new work environment. For corporates, understanding employee behaviour is key to better productivity and engagement; we will help you through this process in building up staff morale by:
    • Identifying behavioural issues before they happen and give you and your employees the redirection to avoid crisis or delays in productivity
    • Developing your enhanced emotional intelligence skills to communicate with remote staff and how to motivate them through firm but kind boundaries, alongside acknowledgment of personal emotions and those of other people when dealing with feedback. We can help you identify the “how”, “where” and “what” to say to motivate employees and maximise your staff performance

Outcomes for your staff after our training:

Staff will be able to:

  • Establish effective work routine
  • Plan solutions to keep a separation between home and work
  • Improve communication skills with management and among peers
  • Better focus and increase productivity when working at home
  • Address self-defeating thinking through self-talk so they are not overwhelmed by stress and anxiety during such trying times

Why our psychological team will help meet counselling needs for corporates and their employees?

  • We have over 30 years of knowledge and skills to give you the targeted solutions you need FAST.
  • Considering current circumstances, there is not enough time to build internal expertise through courses or trial and error. There is no time to We can implement immediate solutions on how to motivate your employees better, with tangible results that help them feel connected, productive and purposeful as they transition to a new work environment.
  • We understand that human beings are not robots but rather social emotional beings who need more than money to be motivated in a time of crisis. Adding more fear to an already anxious and fearful state can cause problems to blow out of proportion. We can help you customise solutions on how to find the delicate balance between being firm and holding boundaries while motivating your employees to be productive in their new work roles.
  • You can’t afford to wait for your employees to hit rock bottom or have their own personal crisis before they decide how to get help. Instead you can help and motivate employees to prepare for this transition at work by addressing the problems of lethargy, lack of productivity and poor planning while remote working due to under-developed internal control.



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Ways We Engage To Help You be Effective for your Employees

  • Online consultations via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp Video
  • We can adapt to your work schedules and run sessions in the morning, afternoons or evenings.
  • We can customise our solutions to work with your staff individually or in groups.
  • We provide intensive sessions over a short period of time.
  • We can provide regular check-ins and updates.

Armed with 17 years of expertise in psychological consultations, we have been providing our counselling solutions for corporates for many years on various platforms online.

When the Crisis end, we can also provide:

  • Intensive retreats in Bintan for employees
  • Customised executive retreats in Croatia



  • Quotations are provided based on each customised engagement.
  • We can customise our solutions for small and large-scale engagements.
  • We can work with a small team of executives, or an entire division of a company.

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