General mental health issues

Too agressive

Are you somebody that has a lot of fear of being rejected? Do you describe yourself as having low self-esteem, […]

Grown up skills we need to avoid anger

Are you somebody who has been described as having an anger management problem? Do you often blow up when things […]

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety during a Pandemic

Do you feel lost and confused in the post-COVID world? Has the global pandemic disrupted how you do fun? Are […]

Are you ready for the changing world?

Have the recent radical changes due to the virus causing you stress and uncertainty? Is the fluid nature of Covid-19 […]

What Causes Depression?

Are you somebody who struggles with depression? Does depression often strike when things don’t go the way you want? When […]

COVID-19 Reveals Adults Lacking Mental Health Skills – Is this you?

How are you dealing with the latest COVID-19 virus crisis? Are you getting many disappointments? Are you finding your anger […]

Are you afraid to be alone?

Are you afraid to be alone? Do you find that you go from one relationship to the next relationship? Maybe […]

So, You Say Don’t like Conflict, let me guess, you get a lot of it

I have more couples coming into my office because of poor communication and conflict issues. Are you a couple wanting […]

Feelings are Not facts, but feel like they are

Are you someone that has a lot of strong feelings? Do feel intense shame, embarrassment, rejection or hurt regularly?  Do […]

Why logic doesn’t work to solve your bad feelings

Do you feel like a fraud at your work or with your friends, even though by objective standards you are […]

Overwhelming Emotions that leave you out of control

Do you find that you can manage most emotions on most days, but every so often and quite unpredictably you […]

Self destructive behaviour

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Do you find that when things get to good for you, you unconsciously do something to sabotage it? […]

It’s not a communication problem

Almost everyone that comes into see me for marriage counselling or relationship counselling believes they have a communication problem. People’s […]

Child Self Regulation: A core strength instilled by parents

The ability to self-regulate is a core strengths that is an essential part of healthy emotional development. This article is written […]

Anger Management

Anger Management Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone […]

There is no Trying in a relationship…or life, only Doing

There is no “trying” in Relationships… or Life, only DOING, Yoda, the famous character from the Star Wars movie explained […]

No Problem Talk Here!

No Problem Talk Here! As a marriage counsellor as well as a individual counsellor, people often say to me “wow […]

Stop Chasing Why!

Stop Chasing Why! When life throws challenges our way, whether it is with our relationship, our family, fertility, health, careers, […]

Tips on Getting Happy

Tips on Getting Happy Happy people don’t get everything they want, but they want most of they get. Happy people […]

Get Your Mental Health In Shape!

Get Your Mental Health In Shape! Mental Health is not an all or nothing state. You are not either mentally […]

Resolve to be Happy!

Resolve to be happy! Resolve to be Happy! As the new year approaches many people make their new year resolution. […]

Do You Feel Bad…and are sick of it?

Do You Feel Bad…and are sick of it? Do you find that you feel like you have more bad days […]

Are you Engaging in Harmful Behaviors to Block Out Your Emotional Pain?

Are you Engaging in Harmful Behaviors to Block Out Your Emotional Pain? Do you often and regularly find that you […]

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

Do I Have a Drinking Problem? People drink for all sorts of reason. Some reasons are to socialize, celebrate and […]

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